About Lex Tech Cellutions LLC

Lex Tech Cellutions LLC was founded by a team of highly experienced tech-savvy professionals with various technical and business backgrounds, whose goal is to make life easier for businesses and individuals through the use of mobile device applications and proper web site design. Our apps and web site designs are to deliver a competitive advantage for businesses and to simplify life for their customers. Lex Tech Cellutions LLC is a high tech company that values the needs of their customers and leverages years of software development experience to offer mobile device application and web site design solutions aimed at improving business performance.

Since our inception in August 2013, one of our company’s major accomplishments is a partnership with Precision Weather Forecasting (PWF) on providing a mobile application solution to reach their customer base with their timely storm warning and daily forecast products as well as special weather bulletins and certified weather statements. The initial app release for Droid Operating systems 2.3 and higher occurred in November 2013 and for Apple IOS6 and IOS7 platforms in December 2013. A major enhancement of adding Doppler Weather Radar imagery into the application was incorporated in the Apple application in May 2014 and then added into Droid Operating Systems 2.3 and higher in August 2014. We continue to support PWF with mobile based solutions.

The team at Lex Tech Cellutions LLC is also working on several other mobile app based solutions intending to support consumer and business based customers. Have a need for Lex Tech Cellutions LLC services and solutions? Contact the Lex Tech Cellutions LLC team at: contact@lextechcellutionsllc.com or check out the contact us section of our web page.

-The Team at Lex Tech Cellutions, LLC