Precision Weather Forecasting (PWF) App and Web Site


Lex Tech Cellutions LLC has partnered with Precision Weather Forecasting Inc. (PWF) to provide IOS and Droid Application solutions for their business and we have also collaborated with PWF in the past 2.5 years on a brand new web site for their business.

The applications properly display their weather forecasting, warning and certified weather statement products to their customer base provided that they have obtained an appropriate subscription to their services. Features of the application include:

  • Precision Weather Forecasting Inc. (PWF) is a private weather forecasting service that provides location specific weather reports 24/7/365 to municipalities, utilities and weather dependent businesses and operations throughout southern New England. The Precision Weather Forecasting (PWF) application encompasses the following features (Subscription to PWF services required):
    • Login feature with encryption functionality
    • Access to their exclusive Precision Weather Forecasting Storm Warning, Daily Forecast and Certified Weather Statement.
    • The entire product fits on your cell phone screen with the ability to resize the screen to the user’s preference.
    • Tab/button view access makes switching between pages flawless.
    • Automatic page refresh upon login into the application and whenever each product within the application is accessed.
    • Access to exclusive Precision Weather Forecasting Southern New England Radar Imagery including both still images and radar animation for IOS and Droid.
    • Access to a second set of radar imagery covering the Northeast/Eastern US radar imagery including both still images and radar animation for IOS and Droid.
    • NEW AS OF JULY 2017: Added push notification feature into the app where forecasters can elect from the web site to send a push notification to users on products during storm situations.

Android Storm WarningPWF iPad Southern New England radar PWF iPad Northeast RadarAndroid Daily Forecast


Lex Tech Cellutions LLC designed and developed the new Precision Weather Forecasting Inc. (PWF) web site using the opensource WordPress web site platform and launched the new web site in August 2016. The new WordPress based PWF web site modernized and transformed their web presence into the 21st century and fixed numerous issues with their old web site. The new web site contained the following enhancements to bring their web presence into the 21st century:

  • Compliance with latest https and css standards.
  • Use of SSL certificate for security.
  • Use of latest javascript technology in place of old web architectures such as flash and Java.
  • New Google mapping of locations for forecasters when entering their forecast products.
  • Full web-entry of their forecast products.
  • Modernized radar web page including ability to view latest still image of radar, auto-animation loop of radar images including control of the radar loop speed in radar auto-animation mode, and manual animation of radar images.
  • Enhanced scheduling of forecast products across PWF’s full range of use cases.
  • Forecaster configurable settings for key parameters they want to change for their ease of use.
  • Ingestion of weather model data and forecast matrices from various weather sources.
  • Modernization of the New England Weather Science web page within the PWF web site pages.
  • Revamped webforms for PWF inc’s Apple iOS Request form and forecast product subscription inquiries.
  • Ability for the web site to send push notifications at forecaster discretion to the PWF app to notify users in severe winter and summer weather situations.

You can check out the revamped PWF web site at